I had no intentions of becoming a DJ, it mostly grew out of an ongoing interest to discover new sounds & share my music collection with friends. I began collecting vinyl around 1992 while still in high school, mostly punk & hardcore 7″s I’d buy from independent bands at their shows. Then I started coming across some hip hop, soul,funk & jazz collections while frequently combing thrift shops, This opened up my musical world to a realization that good music knows no boundaries   >>>

I began attending underground “dance music” events in 1994, and will admit most of the music I was hearing..
didn’t move me at the time.

My first real eye opening experience was hearing
Afrikaa Bambaata
DJ in a bunker at a festival called Narnia.

Afrika Bambaata

I remember watching in awe, how his music brought people together from all walks of life. The Bboys, ravers, punks, Metalheads, jocks .. You name it..
THE PEOPLE were all united under the power of his FUNK GrooveS.

Narnia 94 Sunrise

I picked up my first Technics turntable around ’95, after I started frequenting underground events. I would occasionally recognize samples from records I owned, and was inspired by the idea of blending classic sounds into a modern interpretation. I was broke so I had 1 technics 1200 on loan from a friend, and 1 belt drive turntable. I jacked a realistic mixer from Radio Shack, and would spend hours on end learning to cut & blend records. My roommate jokingly referred to my setup  >  1 deck and a “BOOTY” table.. Out of that.. the name DJ BOOTYTRAP was born

Almost 20 years later,  I’ve come full circle as well as cycled through many new DJ names.. The name represents an evolution of myself,  a play on my birth name and harmonic vibrational number.

I realize I’ve gone through the many periods or phases of the Disc Jockey,  starting out as a mobile DJ in college hired to work  for “Good Vibrations” Deejays. This also happened to be the same name as my friends events promotions company, which coincidentally,  years earlier we were throwing underground parties . Was fun times getting paid to play a full spectrum of music throughout the course of an evening. Years later this led into having a vinyl collecting addiction, often blowing a few hundred $$ a week on all the new releases, where I  was focusing on mostly playing a seamless set of a single genre of music. Which Leads up to where im at now a days.. collecting only TIMELESS music that only gets better with age, incorporated into sets that run across many styles & tempos.  I’ve been fortunate enough to get  to travel internationally through my DJ’ing, holding down DJ residencies everywhere from the Cayman Islands, S. America, to Burningman in Nevada and all over  So.California. I’ve have had the opportunity to play music along side of my favorite Selectors, musicians and Producers. Sometimes finding hours of inspiration from the music I’ve been able to discover, at other times just not feeling all the DJ scene politics.. I still collect as much music as I can find time for, but my hours behind the turntables has been limited, mostly choosing to spend my free time working on recording original productions with the intention that I will play a set of all my own music when Im booked to DJ.

I began producing music around the year 1999? with a copy of Rebirth, and then later Reason. I felt i was making some quick progress, having come up with some tunes I felt was on par with the house music I was hearing played out in the underground at the time. A hard drive failure put a quick end to that, losing all of my work in one quick crash. This left me discouraged by the digital realm, so I went back to the analog world. Around 2005 I was inspired again by the new sounds I was hearing played out on the playa at Burningman, a laptop and Ableton seemed to be common place, sending dance music off into new directions and frontiers. I installed  Ableton LIVE and began producing my own ideas again, so I could incorporate my numerous influences into my DJ sets. I began teaching Ableton LIVE, as a way to share with others, the joy & satisfaction of bringing the ideas and inspirations in your head to eternal LIFE!

As a DJ, it’s never really been about the  $.  The money I’ve made has always been a means of allowing me to buy more music and spend more time
doing what
<< LOVE  >>